4th of July

12091135July 4th, there are fireworks and celebrations all across the country. Our experience in NC this year was a first. We went rafting down the Tuckaseegee River on something called the Pirates of the Tuck event. People shoot others with an array of water guns and knock each other into the water. It was complete mayhem, but it was a blast. We certainly would recommend it for a hot day. And goggles are a plus. At the end, everyone gets their belongings back (any water guns or items that may have been taken during the “battle”) and people shake hands. It’s a friendly, fun, and certainly wet way to spend the day. At night, there was a fireworks display at the campground. We will add those photos so you can enjoy them here. A trip down the Tuck any day would be recommended, with or without pirates. Seeing how we call our RV our “pirate ship” and named it after Calico Jack and Anne Bonnie’s ship The Satisfaction, we fit right in on the Pirates of the Tuck trip. Will we see your raft out there on the 4th next year? Bring super soakers and googles mates or you may walk the plank! We hope you will enjoy our fireworks pictures


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