The Georgia Guidestones

20160524_195203-1We had heard all sorts of stories about the Georgia Guidestones, so one day, we just decided to take the distant drive to Elbert County, GA, to see them for ourselves. The man who is credited with creating these stones did not give his real name when laying out the plans to have them built. The name he gave was Robert C. Christian. He represented a group of people who wanted these stones built. They were built from a granite company in 1980. There are so many theories about these stones, a lot of them stemming from conspiracy theorists. We just found them fascinating. Maybe he was an astrologer or at least someone in the group he represented was. The way the stones are erected and aligned has a lot to do with the sun and stars. They can be used as a clock, a calendar, and a compass and can withstand any sort of catastrophic event that might take place. Maybe they were erect to help regain order after a major storm or attack took out the grid? That is one of the theories, especially when you read the inscriptions. The scribing on the stones are written in 8 modern languages and 4 ancient ones. A slot in one of the stones indicates the path of the sun at noon each day. There is also a hole where you can see the north star and the slot above it is for the sun’s solstice’s. Some people who do not understand or have made up their own theories about these stones have even gone out and defaces these pieces of history and sprayed them with paint. These have been removed from the stones and the carvings are still as good as new. There is also a slab at the sight of the stones with a time capsule buried under it, The inscription says to be opened on, and there is no date. Maybe the date is to be placed on it after it is opened and places back into the ground again for the second time? There is a lot of mystery surrounding these stones. Some have labeled them the American Stonehenge. The message on the stones is clear. It is how to rebuild life if something were to happen and everything had to start over completely. Maybe that is why it was written in all the modern languages and the 4 ancient ones that people might can still understand if something happens? Lots of intrigue with this site, but a cool stop for sure!20160524_195137-120160524_19493220160524_19520820160524_195158-120160524_195116-120160524_195034-120160524_195016-120160524_195010-120160524_195004-120160524_19494920160524_200251-120160524_195242

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