Quarry Falls

This water fall is a short walk across the road from a small parking area on 64 going through the Highlands area in WNC. It is known as Bust Your Butt Falls but it’s real name that is posted is Quarry Falls. It is a nice place to go swimming on a hot day. It’s not a very tall or really wide falls, but the pool beneath it is pretty deep, maybe around 20 feet or so. There is a rope on the side of the falls that you can hold on to and slide down the falls into the water below. There is also a cliff off to the right off that you can jump from into the “pool” of water below. The only thing is during the hot summer months, unless you get there early, it gets pretty crowded. The good thing is the water doesn’t have a lot of small or jagged rocks to hurt your feet, but you may want to anchor yourself to one of the larger flat ones if you don’t like the current. It’s a beautiful area. If you are going to see the other falls in the Highlands area like Dry Falls and Bridal Veil Falls, (Cullasajah Falls is before this one) you may want to take a change of clothes with you for getting into this one or come back to it after you have seen the others and then take a nice dip in the water beneath the falls.The slick rock under the water fall does not hurt when you slide down it and there is not a jagged area there. We would highly recommend that you do hold onto the rope that is provided for you because the force of the water is strong enough to push you over too far and you might not land in a safe way if you don’t do it properly. It is a fun little spot to just relax and stick your feet in and enjoy a nice picnic lunch even if you’re not interested in sliding down the falls.

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