Flagler Beach

Flager Beach has some of the most unique colored sand on the east coast. It’s been referred to as “Georgia Red Clay”. Anyone who has experienced the red mud in Georgia after a hard rain knows that color. It’s amazing to see such a color in sand. Each beach along the east coast is different and it’s amazing how just a few miles apart from each other, their sands can be so different due to the land and ocean at those areas. We had heard that Flagler had been impacted by the hurricanes this season, but we were unaware of just how much. Irma had torn up through south Florida that by the time she reached the eastern side, she had lost a lot of steam. We were not expecting what we saw. That last time we had seen Flagler, even though it was almost ten years ago, there were miles of that beautiful sand to be seen. Now, thanks to Hurricanes Mathew and Irma, that beautiful shoreline has been reduced to just a few feet between the street and the sea. A newly build boardwalk lets you walk over the area, looking down over the devastation. Washed up seaweed and driftwood are everywhere. You can still see the unique sand color in certain areas, but not the miles that were there before. We were there at high tide, so there may have been more shoreline to see. We will definitely go back during low tide to see how much is left of this once beautiful beach. There were signs everywhere along the boardwalk explaining the effects of these two hurricanes. Even at high tide, there normally would have been more than a sliver of the shore. At one spot, there was no shoreline at all, the sea met the steps. We certainly will continue to monitor the progress of the clean up efforts and the way nature has of repairing itself. We can’t wait to see this beach returning to the beautiful shore it needs to be. Volunteers are so hard to find for beautification it seems. People are all for getting their own yards cleaned up, but as far as public places like this wonderful haven for birds and sea creatures, it seems to be solely up to nature now. The boardwalk has pictures posted of the animals that inhabited the area in an attempt to get awareness out to those who would like to see them again in their natural beauty. We hope that some will volunteer to help with the beach clean up to get this debris that has washed up on what is left of the shore cleaned away so that birds and turtles have a clean home again. We enjoy our night walks on the beach, and if they are littered, we will do our best to put what we find in it proper receptacles. We encourage all of you to do the same. It will help keep these places safe for all the beautiful animals that call these places home. Even if it seems silly just to pick up a cup here and there, every little bit helps. If there is a fisherman’s net that has washed ashore, or something that was around to keep erosion from happening, if a bird gets his feet caught, or a sea turtle laying eggs gets it’s flippers in this debris, it could be devastating. So, just pick it up, no matter how small, and throw it away. Simple, right? It may have been labeled as someone else’s job, but it’s not going to hurt to help the effort. It was obvious to us that even now, this place and many others like it need our help. Yes, we are here to do clean up work to help this place get back on its’ feet and to help us stay on ours as well, but as far as nature is concerned, it needs all the help anyone is willing to give it. We love watching the little ghost crabs scurrying along at night, and the little birds running from the waves. We want to help them stay safe if we can. Not from nature itself, the cycle and circle of life of course, but unnatural things that have been washed up or thrown out, we can pick up and toss where they need to go. Flagler beach is a beautiful city and we know with support and time, its’ beach will come back. We can’t wait to see that happen. If you visit it soon, also check out their new Veteran’s Park they have with free parking in the middle of town. It is right among all the shops and restaurants, directly across the street from the pier. At the pier, there is a restaurant with a huge chalkboard out front where visitors can write things. We had to leave our website address here of course! Maybe some visitors there will read this and say, “Hey we were there on that same day!”.  On the buildings near the park, you can experience some beautiful street artwork of the nautical themed and the native sea and wildlife here in the area. Even though it’s not as much of a beach as it used to be and it needs some help, we would still encourage you to visit on your way around Florida to see this unique color of sand and experience the peace that is here.

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