Once in a Blue Moon

Tomorrow night, it’s the second full moon of the month, which makes it a blue moon. There was a blue moon in January, but this will be the last one until sometime in 2020, so get out your cameras! It is also called a Paschal Moon because it is the first full moon of the spring for Easter. For more information in that, check it out on http://www.space.com. Enjoy the blue moon until April 2nd, When I was a kid, I thought “once in a blue moon” was just an expression my parents used. It may have been to them, but now I know there really is such a thing and why the phrase sounds like that, because they don’t happen very often. The one in January was also a blood moon, huge looking in size due to it’s location to Earth. I had the pleasure of being on the beach at the time and got a great picture of it. It is supposed to be cloudy this weekend, but I hoping to get a good picture. After all, it only happens “once in a blue moon”! If any of you have really good long lens cameras, we would love to see your pictures! Post them on our FB page or shoot us an email. More fun updates from our time in FL are coming soon, so keep watch. Here is what the blue moon over the ocean just as sunset looked like from January. Not sure this one will be as pretty, but every one is unique and I’ll be out with my camera to try to capture it’s beauty. Ahh, nature, it’s so wonder-filled. 20180130_175631

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