Changes to our Living Room

Living in an RV, we tend to look around and see how we can make our space a little “bigger”, so it can be a bit more comfortable. Just like anyone would living in a house who wants to change their furniture around, we get tired of the same old thing too. We started out with 2 rocking chairs in the bay window at the rear and a dinette across from the kitchen. A floor plan most RVers are familiar with. We never sat at the table and the benches around it were just inviting storage. We go through our RV once every couple of months, deciding what we haven’t used and what we can just live without. Getting rid of the dinette area got rid of storage options that we didn’t need. (If we stored something there, we knew it wouldn’t be something that would see the light of day very often. We still have plenty of storage under our bed. The mattress lifts up and there’s a huge amount of space there for our winter blankets and many other things like Christmas stuff. The one thing we need more than anything is more counter top space. So, we took the table from the dinette and put in where one of the chairs was by the window. (The chair by the door that neither of us ever sat in). Now, there’s a place for our ice maker and printer. Plus, space underneath it for shoes and things.

We also had a loveseat that folded down for a small bed, only big enough for a child. This is where I mostly sat to watch tv, but it was way to short to stretch out on. And I also shared it with Samantha’s bed, (our RV kitty), giving me even less room to stretch out.20170414_214223

Once we got rid of the benches from the dinette, we had more floor space that direction, so we got rid of the small jackknife loveseat and put a regular size futon in it’s place. This did not add to the weight of our camper, in fact, by getting rid of the dinette and the 2 chairs, it probably has less weight now even with the futon added. It is a metal framed futon instead of wood, so that makes it light. We love our more spacious living room and so does Samantha. 🙂 We still have a lot of improvements we want to make, so we will update you when we get to do these. We encourage all of you full timers to take your space and make it your own. We would love to hear from you and see what all you have done to make your “home on wheels” more comfortable too!

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