Haywood County Quilt Trail

For this year’s birthday fun, we traveled to Haywood county. We started out by trying to find Cataloochee Valley. We got close, but decided not to pursue it this time in the big diesel. If you would like to go there, it’s just outside Waynesville and Maggie Valley on Cove Creek Rd. When you reach the end of the pavement, your very steep, curvy, tight assent begins on dirt. You will have to drive UP this winding way for over 3 miles before your descent into the valley. We will attempt to do it again one day when we have more fuel and better nerves. The Haywood County Quilt trail was our next big venture, but we were only able to do part of it. It is a HUGE quilt trail, so when you go, be prepared for about a 2 hour or so tour. Also, please note when you look them up, they are not in order by the town or where they are located in the towns, so it would be a good idea to invest a little time to write out which squares are in which town in Haywood Co, and then go back and write out on which streets each one is on, because there are several on the same street(s). The addresses for each one are listed on their website, http://haywoodquilttrails.com, so it would be in your best interest to sort them out before going. There are a total of 54 quilt squares in Haywood County. They consist of 19 in Waynesville (our next trip to the Petsmart will be when we look for these), 12 in Maggie Valley (we found 8 this trip), 1 at mile marker 10 on I-40, 14 in Clyde, and 8 in Canton. Our trip was to the Maggie Valley section for this one. The majority of them are on Soco Road. With a couple of exceptions. We could not find “Mariner’s Compass at the Ketner House and the one that was supposed to be at Joey’s Pancake House, we could not find either. We drove around the entire building twice, and looked inside the porch area, but did not find it. Maybe those two were down for repair. Will will look for them again when we go back to Maggie Valley at some point. Of the ones we found, they are wonderful to see. We will list them in order here to help you locate them on your trip through. We found one that is listed as being among the 19 in  Waynesville on our way to Maggie Valley, It is not in town, but on a road on the outskirts at a place called the Barn Quilt Farmhouse Vacation Rentals (126 Cicero Rd. It is listed on the website as being the Howell Farm). It is called “Flower Petals”

Number 1 in Maggie Valley is “Bear Paw”, at Smoky Falls Lodge (2550 Soco Rd)

Second, is “Mr. Roosevelt’s Necktie” at the Stompin’ Ground (3116 Soco Rd)

Third, (and I personally love this one), is “Star”, at Cabbage Rose Gift Shop (3388 Soco Rd)20180829_17584320180829_194020Number 4, (also an awesome detailed square), is “Still Farming” at Elevated Mountain Distilling (37332 Soco Rd).

Number 5 is “Cardinal”, at the Cardinal Inn (3735 Soco Rd)

Number 6 should be “Mariner’s Compass” at Ketner House (3894 Soco Rd) and 7 should be “Gateway to the Smokies (spring)”, at Joey’s Pancake House (4309 Soco Rd), but these two could not be located, so our Number 6 is “Little Red School House” at Maggie Valley Town Hall (3987 Soco Rd).

For our Number 7 and 8, we turn off of Soco Rd, next to the entrance to Ghost Town, at the sign pointing toward the Ski Lodge. It’s “Mile High Fun” and “Lone Star”, both at Cataloochee Ranch (119 Ranch Dr).

That concludes our Quilt Trail trip in Maggie Valley, but there 2 remaining squares we did not travel to. They are “Maple Leaf” at Mountain Joy (121 Setzer Cove Rd) and “Fall Leaves” at the private residence of Mr. Smith (262 Sweet Birch Dr). Remember when taking photos of the squares on private homes to do so from the roadway. We hope you enjoyed our short span of the Haywood County Quilt Trail and we will go back soon to see more of them when we get the chance to travel through that area. Until then, we hope you will share your own Quilt Trails photos with us!

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