Fort Mose

Pronounced Mo-SAY, Fort Mose, was established by freed slaves in 1738. They were away from the British colony of Carolina and joined forces to fight with Spain. As you walk along the short boardwalk, you can see the signs that spell out the history of this African fort. It is a testament to the fortitude these people had. All that is left of the fort is under the marsh. There are 20+ species of birds here, so bring your binoculars if you’re into that. It’s not an all day trip, but more like a couple of hours, depending on the trail you want to walk near by. The park itself, only takes just a few minutes to go through. Even though it is small and there’s not a lot to see (except those lovely birds. of course), it is still a grand part of history to visit. The museum was past hours when we arrived, so we will have to go back to see it. The outdoor part was an educational little trip.20181204_16171920181204_16434220181204_16375820181204_16380720181204_16401320181204_16332820181204_16341420181204_16352520181204_16360020181204_16361520181204_16362920181204_16370520181204_163727Screenshot_20181204-18050820181204_16255320181204_16254220181204_16411720181204_16283720181204_16283520181204_162651

see all the egrets in the tree




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