Updates on Our Journey, Hammock Park, and Spanish Chimneys

We are so lucky to be in such an awesome location this winter. Not just in Florida, where we can avoid snow and freezing temps, but on an island, and within biking or walking distance to the beaches. Just the other day I thought, “I always wanted to be an island girl, and now I am!” And not just for the winter, forever. We chose Florida as our domicile state. It’s one of the “Big 5” that campers can choose to “reside” that doesn’t have state taxes. You might be wondering if the transfer of our vehicle and camper tags were expensive, and the answer is that they were reasonably below what we read online. Our truck being a diesel and rather “large” helped us get a cheaper price. Predominately our tow vehicle, it was nice to find out it would cost us an arm and a leg to transfer. And getting our licenses was a snap. So, even though we won’t be in Florida year round, we are all set as Floridians. The thing to keep in mind is that whatever state you choose, if you have insurance in that state, most of the time you have to go back to that state for things like doctors visits. So, pick one close to where you migrate around so you don’t have to drive half way round the country to go to an appointment. Of course, you can go to a quick care or clinic in any state, but we’re just talking in terms of a “family doc” or specialists you might need to see. Creeping into our 3rd year on the road, we are still loving the lifestyle. Some people might wonder how we can stand to be in such a small space daily. Easy, we don’t stay inside all the time. We go out and see what we can get into in the way of fun and adventure. And our current location in loaded with fun things to do. When it’s raining or chilly, we have plenty of local channels that we can get with just our antenna and booster. We also use our hotspot for wifi (although at the moment, Verizon is being difficult (the site to renew our wifi minutes has been down for nearly a month), and we have to move about town to free wifi to login to anything or use the data on our phones). If we feel cabin fever coming on and we want a bath to soak in instead of our small shower, we simply find a cheap nearby hotel for a night to have a mini vacation. We only do that about twice a year, because hotels are not something we want to spend our money on often. But, it’s a nice change for a birthday or a holiday time out. Our kitty Samantha (Sam) loves our home on wheels too. She enjoys seeing what’s new out the windows. We even got her a bed that sits on top of a little scratching post that’s the perfect height for her to lay in and see out our big bay window. (She might be a tad spoiled, but she’s worth it!)20190112_14392020190102_17364720190109_21590320190101_195409

One of the places near us is Hammock Park. It’s a small area where you can park and walk over a nice board walk to the beach. Or, if you are staying close by (wink) you can walk to the boardwalk and not have to park. It’s rumored that the city spent a million point five on the walk, but maybe that means it will stand up to a hurricane. It’s very nice and well made, with benches made into the railings for you to sit before walking on toward the beach. Once you get there, the beach is pristine and quiet. We didn’t see a huge crowd and we were there at low tide.

The next place within walking distance, (not from Hammock Park, but from our abode), is the old Spanish Chimneys. There is only a couple of them, but there is a plaque and if you love history, it’s something you can check out.20190114_10014120190114_09581220190114_10003820190114_095818

Stay tuned for more island fun in the near future. There’s a lunar eclipse coming up with next weekend (Jan 21) with the super moon. Hopefully we can get some good photos of it from the beach. Let us know how your 2019 adventures are coming!

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We are a couple who live full time in our 2016 Passport Travel Trailer traveling the southeastern US. We blog about our adventures and what it's like living in our RV on a daily basis. We share our "home" with our RV kitty, Samantha "Sam".

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