Landshark vs. Margaritaville

Forgive us for not posting a lot about our travels as of late. We have lots to share, but our internet capability is almost nonexistent right now. We will be heading north in 3 weeks, so we should have our internet back then and have tons to share. Until then, we will still do our best to keep you entertained. One of us is having a birthday on the 28th of February, so we decided to take a little drive to celebrate. We ended up in Daytona, reminiscing about our very first trip together 15 years ago. We went to the race and camped out in our ’72 Shasta. It was so small, we couldn’t change clothes at the same time with the bed fully out. But we had awesome times in that little thing. We traveled to Florida and Savannah in it several times.

Ok, back to THIS trip, we stopped in  the Landshark bar. For those of you who are Jimmy Buffet fans, landshark is his trademark beer. He has a song by the same name. The bar by this name was around before they started the Margaritaville resorts. We went to Margaritaville in the summer when we were in Gatlinburg. Margaritaville was very nice with a friendly atmosphere, but we like the Landshark better. It’s not a resort, just a friendly bar by the beach. They had live music, and we got there just before sunset.

They have inside tables, but since it had been in the 80s that day, we opted to eat outside in one of the 3 tiki type huts they have. The center one contains their full bar. The pieces are reasonable and the good is delicious. The drinks are good too, of course. I personally recommend the loaded landshark, a landshark beer topped with Margaritaville lime tequila. We sat there enjoying our dinner and watching the beach sky fade from blue to pink. Once we finished dinner, we took the walkway down to the beach. It was a lovely way to cap off the day.

We saw signs for a Margaritaville resort coming soon, but we will come back to Landshark instead. Not just for the fond memories, but the laid back atmosphere. Margaritaville is nice, but it’s just a bit more upscale. We prefer that neighborhood bar experience. And who wouldn’t want to dine on the beach? Cheers!





  1. Your article was great! Makes me want to visit the Landshark!! Is it in Daytona?
    Good hearing from RV Living! Happy Birthday to that Somebody!!!🎈🎈🎈

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