Turtles, turtles, turtles

Behind the St. Augustine Amphetheatre, there is a dirt road that dead ends next to a small pond. There are walking trails back there as well. If you wander around on the trails, it takes maybe about half and hour or so. You will see fountains along the trail that no longer work, and other things that were put there when the trail was new that are now “run down” looking. Maybe lack of funding or volunteers has kept this trail from being at its’ former glory, but it is still a nice walk. Flip flops are certainly ok. Back at the pond, it’s a wonderful stopping place. We first discovered it while walking the trail, but we saw we could just pull up and park next to it in the future. Whenever you go to this pond, take some bread with you and you will be amazed. If its early morning, you will see an anhinga bird fishing. He swims underwater and comes up with his breakfast. After he’s full, he flies into a tree and spreads his wings like a vulcher to dry them out. You will see several turtles start to swim toward you. Once you throw the bread, you will find out just how much fun this little pond is. There are fish everywhere! They come up to get the bread faster than the turtles can grab it. Then, more turtles arrive from all angles. Most of them are common sliders, but depending on the day, you can see a few soft shell turtles come up to you. We took pictures of the bird, but I will have to post them later, as they are on another flash drive somewhere I have to locate once we get to our spring destination. But here are the pics of the turtles for your enjoyment. I can’t wait to return in the fall to see them again!


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