2019 Lunar Eclipse

We were fortunate to be in St. Augustine Beach for the lunar eclipse. We started the evening with some friends who were visiting from Louisiana. We were at an awesome restaurant called Cantina Louie’s. I snapped this shot of the moon when it was first getting dark. 20190120_190056After dinner, we went to the beach to enjoy the lunar eclipse from beginning to end. Some pictures came out better than others, but enjoy them! It will be another few years before we experience another total lunar eclipse like this one. And there was no better place to enjoy it than by the ocean. (It was January, if it had been summer, it would be a toss-up of the beach or a mountain top to see it). If anyone had pictures of it, please feel free to post and share in our comments.IMG_041820190120_22484620190120_223519IMG_0419IMG_042320190120_230825IMG_0429IMG_0430IMG_0432IMG_0434IMG_0440IMG_0442IMG_0443IMG_0444IMG_044520190121_00100520190121_000946


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