Haywood County Quilt Squares (Waynesville, Canton, and Clyde, NC)

Welcome to our day trip around Haywood County looking for quilt squares. This a very colorful and informative piece that won’t bore you, we promise. A lot of time and love went into this one, so please take your time and enjoy it. Haywood County consists of Maggie Valley, Waynesville, Canton and Clyde. To recap, we did a previous blog on Haywood County in Maggie Valley only. In total, there are 12 in Maggie Valley and we found 8 at the time. We could not find the Kitner House and there wasn’t one on Joey’s Pancake House, but if you are in Maggie Valley, you may find them now (let us know). There are 2 others in Maggie Valley on “side” roads we didn’t go to then, 121 Setzer Cove Rd.( called Maple Leaf/Mountain Joy) and 262 Sweet Birch Dr. (called Fall Leaves). That’s just our recap of that part of Haywood County we went to before but not on this trip. This trip was an all day event though, so enjoy.

If you decide you want to do the entire trail, you can pick up a map of all the Haywood County squares at the visitors center in Maggie Valley. It is a colored guide with the pictures, names, and addresses of all the squares. Just keep in mind, they are not in order. They may be in the order they were put up, but they are not in order of where they are located. Also, as we found out on our journey, it is not updated completely. We downloaded ours online. It takes some time to go through the list and put them in order of how to find them. I spent a day mapping out each town’s squares so we could smoothly travel to each one without back tracking or zig zagging. So, if you follow our list, you will be able to do the same. I’ve helped with the work of getting them in order for everyone.

On the map, they are listed with the numbers they were given as they were issued, with a total of 48. (We found another that wasn’t listed, so it should be 49, or either the ones that are no longer there taken off and the numbers redone.) Anywho, I will list them here by the order we found them in and their number as seen on the map (#). We will list the tips and tricks to finding them and we hope when you’re in the Haywood county area, you will successfully find them all.

We’ll start in Waynesville. There is a lot to do in Waynesville, it’s a happening town for sure. Mingled in among the squares, we saw some fun things that we will share here. There is “supposed” to be a total of 19 squares in Waynesville. The first one we found (#31) is on a barn. It’s Dahlia, 1785 Plott Creek Rd. Please forgive the fuzziness of close up one, it’s a little far off the road, and on private property. The rest of the squares on the trail are easier to see and take photos of.


The next one (#10) is Four Little Birds, 40 Old Hickory St.,  on the Windover Inn.

Third (#48) on our list is one of my favorites called Adopt Me on the Animal Hospital at 91 Depot Street.

The next 7 listed on the map are all in one area downtown. This is where we discovered one that isn’t listed on the map, and saw that there were a couple “missing” as well. You should park your ride and go walking to see these. There are a lot of fun things in this area that you won’t want to miss. First up (fourth on our list, #1 on the map) is Stars and Stripes and City Streets at 9 S. Main St. on the police department. There is a really neat art statue next to the police station and a bicycle rack that actually looks like a bicycle (there are a couple of those in town).

Our fifth one to see (#4) is on the corner building at Main and Church Streets called New Star of NC.

The sixth one we saw (#2) is at 16 S. Main, on the Municipal Building called Follow the Leader.

Seventh, (#4 on map), is on the Teresa Pennington Art Gallery, 15 N. Main, called Cobblestones.

Eighth and ninth, (#5, #6), are fun ones because of their location. You can’t just take their pictures on the outside and not go in to the Mast General Store (63 N. Main). With a name like that, you’re probably thinking like we were, an old fashioned type store with an array of stuff for everyday life on the farm. Wrong! It’s a huge 3 story outdoor store with everything from hiking needs to well, you name it, they have it. The bottom floor is like a hyped up general store. They have handmade candles and soaps and bushels of candy and other fun things. It was a wonderful walk thru on our trip. We’re including a couple of their merchandise photos, so you can see what we mean.

Outside and around the corner from the Mast General Store is a mural of the 4 seasons on the wall of a building across from the bank drive thru. Next to the General Store on the other side are flowers and an awesome musical statue made of iron. It’s certainly a wonderful photo op, especially if you like selfies.

Tenth on our list, (#7) is at 113 N. Main on the Christmas is Everyday shop. The square is called Christmas Tree.

The next two (#36 and #44) are listed as being on 44 N. Main St., but this address does not exist. We don’t know if there was such a thing before in downtown and it moved, but now the Visitors Center (where these two squares are supposed to be located) is off of I-40 West at Mile Marker 10 the Haywood County TDA. Their names are Gateway to the Smokies and Winding Walk. Not 100% sure if Gateway to the Smokies is at this location, but Winding Walk is said to be. They were both listed at the “no longer an address” 44 N. Main Visitor Center. So sorry, but we didn’t go traveling out to I-40 to find these two because we had a longer day ahead of us. If someone out there has seen these two and has their exact location, please let us know.

Moving on back to our truck, we discovered one that is not listed on the map. We don’t know the name of it, but it is a star on the Cat in the Attic Treasures and Treats store.

And here at this spot should be #35, Flower Petals on 126 Cicero Lane. I did not see this one on the map until I was going through all the squares when we had already got back to camp. I had completely missed it somehow in my quest to be sure I had everything mapped out. For this I am truly sorry. One missed altogether.

On our way around to the next one, we saw a Huey Helicopter, gingerly sitting in a spot waiting for photos to be taken of it. You can part right next to it.

We are up to our fifteenth stop, it’s #9 on the map at the Shelton House Museum at 149 Shelton Street.

Sixteenth on our trip (#32) is a little tricky to look for. It’s there, but it’s on the corner of the building (left front as you drive up). They don’t really understand the significance of the quilt squares here (I went in to ask where it was after not seeing it at first and it took the lady a minute to figure out what I was referring to). She said it was donated by one of the families of someone who used to be a resident there. It’s by a nice little set of benches, but it’s in the bushes, literally. You can barely see it for the growth of greenery at the corner. But it’s there, so don’t miss out seeing it. It’s called Double Wedding Ring and it’s at the Haywood Lodge Retirement Home on 257 Shelton Street. 20190619_144547Seventeenth, (#8) is on the dentist office (Mike Gillespie DDA) at 611 S. Haywood Street. It’s called Gillespie Rifle. It’s a rather interesting pattern of rifles intertwined into the quilt pattern. We saw a similar pattern on a previous quilt trail.

Eighteenth (#41) is at a private residence, but it can be seen well. It’s called Snail Trail at 184 Park Street.

Here, we take a pit stop for a bite to eat at Bogart’s. We mentioned this place in one of our earlier blogs (2018 Anniversary and Panthertown Valley). There is one in Sylva also, but that one doesn’t have these absolutely delicious broccoli cheddar bites. If you’re in Waynesville for anything at all, you have to stop at Bogart’s and try these. Everything we’ve ever tried at a Bogart’s is wonderful home cooked tasting, but these broccoli cheddar bites are the best appetizer item I think I’ve ever had (besides mushrooms). So, remember when you’re here, BROCCOLI CHEDDAR BITES. 😉20190619_151308After getting our thirst quenched and our bellies full of yumminess, it’s back on the road to catch the last two in Waynesville as we head out of town to Clyde. Nineteenth (#11) is Biloxi/Fox Chase on the Boone Orchard Apple Barn on 395 Hugh Massie Road.


The last one in Waynesville for the day (our stop number 20, #40 on map), is at Bethel Historic Presby Church (Brick Building). It’s called Pigeon Valley and it’s located at 664 Sonoma Road.

Let’s Ride to Clyde! It’s a really cute little town just outside of Waynesville. It has 9 total squares, and we found them all. We will continue with our numbering system so you will know how many found on our total trip and the numbers given to them on the “official” map.

Our twenty first find of the day (#17) is called Bridge to Learning at Clyde High School, 3215 Broad Street.

The next few squares are all in one little area and can be walked to. Just park in the large parking lot across the railroad tracks, and take a short stroll through this tiny American town. Our twenty second square of the day (#27) is called Leadership and is at what they call Town Square on 79 Depot Street. All these buildings look abandoned, but they are so historic looking. This square is a neat one.

Right out from our next square is a piece of this town’s history in the form of a plaque and a rather large anti-aircraft gun.

Twenty three (#16) is in the same section, called Open Door at the current Guns and Ammo store (listed on the map as the bank, and you can tell it used to be one). The address is 81 Main Street.

Twenty fourth (# 47) is across the parking lot from this one at the old Masonic Lodge on 69 Main Street. It’s called Conversation. Yet another neat looking square in this nostalgic town.

Twenty fifth to us, (#15 on the Haywood Quilts map), is on a building called Lil’s. You can faintly see the painted name of the long gone place on the side of the cinder block building at 88 Main Street. The square is called Grandmother’s Flower Garden.

Push the crosswalk button to walk across the quiet street to Town Hall (different than Town Square where you were.) Directly in front of here you will see the Town Clock. Then, on Town Hall you will see our twenty sixth square of the day (#37) called Liberty Star at 8437 Carolina Blvd. This one also looks similar to one we’ve seen before on the Swain County trail.

Let’s hop back in the air conditioned truck to drive to the next one. It’s up a little further than we wanted to walk in the heat, but still only about a minute or less away if you’re driving it. It’s at 570 Main Street on historic Louisa Chapel and it’s called Brush Arbor (#14), our twenty-seventh stop.

Our next one (twenty eight for the day and #13 on the map), is just down the way (not even 2 minutes away) at 3 Brown Street. It’s on the “historic” looking Haywood Institute (older brick building) and it’s called Little Red Schoolhouse. Yep, you’re right, we’ve came across this one on another trip of the same trail (in Maggie Valley).

Our last one (the ninth one in this little town, our twenty ninth stop, and # 18 on the map) is at the Shook Museum on 178 Morgan Street. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived the museum was closed, so we had to see the square (called Mountain Saddlebags) through the rails of the top level porch. There is a ramp leading to the first level porch, but no stairs on the outside to reach the second level, so we figured the stairs were on the inside and then you just walk out on the top porch from the rooms up there. This museum looks quite interesting on the outside and may warrant a future trip.

Let’s slide outta Clyde and make our way to the next town, Canton. It’s busier than Clyde, but still a lot smaller than Waynesville or Maggie Valley. There is supposed to be 8 total squares here, but 2 were no longer where they were listed. Square thirty in our day (# 42) is right in downtown. Go ahead and park here, because you’ll see most of them on the strip. This one is called Sunburst and it’s on the side of a corner building at 70 Main St.20190619_200904

As we rounded the corner, we saw another old fashioned painted mural on the side of a building. 20190619_200848Our thirty first square of the day (#34) was supposed to be at Polly’s Florist. It’s called Flower Basket, but it’s not there. The place was open, but the square isn’t on the outside of the building or the inside. So, we moved on to our thirty second square of the day.

(# 28) is listed as being on Sid’s but the place is now called the Imperial. It’s located at 117 Main Street and it’s called Bay Leaf.

Number thirty three (#33 on map also), is supposed to be Five Spot and located on the Champion Credit Union at 1 Academy Street. We walked all around the building, and it’s not there. Maybe the ones missing are out for repairs? So, we hop back in the truck for the next one. Directly next to it, we saw this nice monument to all the branches of the military who were in Vietnam from this town.

Our thirty fourth square (#43) is here at 36 Park Street at the Canton Area Historical Museum and it’s called Travel Star.

Over on 71 Penland Street, we find our thirty fifth square of the day (#26). It’s at an old closed down Armory (very neat building and wish we had taken more pictures of it). It’s called Salute to Colors.

The last two of the day are further out in our drive (25 minutes from downtown Canton), so we hit those on our way back to Waynesville to head back to camp. They are both on the same stretch of road at least.

The little area we come through next is called Cruso (we’re guessing it’s a little “unincorporated” area of Canton (or just outside of Canton, really). The sign going through here is just too funny not to share. It says, “Welcome to Cruso. 9 miles of friendly folks and one old crab”. We didn’t run into the crab on our drive through, ha ha. Our thirty sixth of the day is here in this little place (#30). It was on a beautiful little rock building called the Friendship Club and it even has it’s own little plaque. It’s called Moon Over Cold Mountain (4 Seasons). This is a pretty one.

Our thirty seventh find of the day and our final square (#46) is on the Pavillion at a place called Camp Hope (it looks like a summer camp that no one was at during this particular time). The address is 312 Camp Hope Rd. and it’s called Mountain Tradition.

We have looked for 36 (should’ve been 37 but we forgot that one!); found 33 total (32 on the map plus the extra one at the Attic place). We discovered 2 in Waynesville were moved to just off of I-40, and 2 in Canton are not there. It has been an all day event. In total, this quilt trail lasted 3 days. One day to plan and map out all the places in driving order since they are not in order on the official map from the Haywood County Visitor’s Center. Another day to drive around a find them (the fun part of exploring). And one day to put all of it in this informative and hopefully visually fun blog for everyone to enjoy. Thank you all for your support. Don’t forget to let us know if you find any of the ones we didn’t (including Maggie Valley). We hope you enjoy this one as much as we did. Happy hunting (Quilts). 🙂

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