Turtles, turtles, turtles

Behind the St. Augustine Amphetheatre, there is a dirt road that dead ends next to a small pond. There are walking trails back there as well. If you wander around on the trails, it takes maybe about half and hour or so. You will see fountains along the trail that no longer work, and otherContinue reading “Turtles, turtles, turtles”

Updates on Our Journey, Hammock Park, and Spanish Chimneys

We are so lucky to be in such an awesome location this winter. Not just in Florida, where we can avoid snow and freezing temps, but on an island, and within biking or walking distance to the beaches. Just the other day I thought, “I always wanted to be an island girl, and now IContinue reading “Updates on Our Journey, Hammock Park, and Spanish Chimneys”

Travel trailer power inverter setup for boondocking and dispersed RV camping

All over the internet you will find articles, and reviews about RV’s and power inverters. If you are searching for an inverter it can become quite confusing, and very expensive depending on your setup. To determine what size inverter you will need in watts is a simple multiplication formula, amps times volts. Our Keystone isContinue reading “Travel trailer power inverter setup for boondocking and dispersed RV camping”

Christmas at the St. Augustine Lighthouse

We were lucky enough to attend a free event at the St. Augustine Lighthouse. They had the grounds all lit up and a huge tree at the light keepers house, along with Santa sitting on the porch. There was a tree inside the base of the lighthouse. We were able to climb to the topContinue reading “Christmas at the St. Augustine Lighthouse”

Happy Thanksgiving from Southeastern RV Living

Today is the day that most people can sit around a table with family and talk about what they are thankful for as they feast on turkey and stuffing. When you’re on the road, it’s a little different. We do carry on a tradition of our own though. Whatever town we are in, on ThanksgivingContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving from Southeastern RV Living”

Scull Shoals: An Old Southern Ghost Town; plus A Wingless Pegasus, and a Herb Walk

If you’ve ever been to Greensboro, GA, down highway 15, you’ve probably been by the Iron Horse. (Pegasus without wings) It’s a piece of iron artwork made by an abstract artist named Abbott Pattison in 1954. It was originally at the University of Georgia until it was vandalized by students. Then, they stored it inContinue reading “Scull Shoals: An Old Southern Ghost Town; plus A Wingless Pegasus, and a Herb Walk”

Boondocking and Hart State Park

As we make our way to warmer climates for the winter, we stopped off to boondock for a little while and test out our solar panels and lithium batteries. We were parked in the sun, (not full sun, we did have shade at certain points in the evening), unplugged for at least 5 days beforeContinue reading “Boondocking and Hart State Park”

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