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If you look up Quilt Trails online, you can see the story of how they got started. Many states in the U.S. have these trails, mostly on old barns or historical sites in certain towns. We thought while we were in NC., we would check out some, to see how many trails we could fit the squares together. There are around 200 in this area, so we probably won’t see them all this year. We started with Swain county. We found all 11, plus a bonus one. I will list them here with where they were found, along with a brief description of their meaning and some pictures. The first one is pictured above. It is located at the Bryson City Chamber of Commerce, 210 Main Street and is called the Appalachian Dream. It was the first quilt square hung in Bryson City/Swain County and represents it’s people, culture, and heritage. Square number 2 is located at the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad Depot on 226 Evert Street. It is called the Railroad Spirit and it honors railroad pioneers that opened the area to commerce. 7-7-17 159

The third square is located at the intersection of Bryson Street and Ramseur in Island Park (an awesome Park that really is an Island surrounded by river in the middle of Bryson City. I will post pictures of Island park in our photos. It is a must on a hot day to go relax in the water, or go rafting, or even just for a nice picnic.) The quilt square there is called the Double Wedding Ring and it celebrates the woodlands and flowers.

The fourth quilt square is at 3336 Balltown Road, at Lands Creek Log Cabins. It is called the Harmony Square and it represents the harmony they hope to provide and the mountain pioneers.7-7-17 1397-7-17 150

The fifth square is called the Dresenden Plate and was designed from a popular quilt pattern from the 1920s based of plate designs from Dresenden, Germany that showed off flowers. The quilt square was originally made in 1978 by the owner of the gallery where it is now displayed, The Wild Fern Studios and Gallery on 19 Everett Street.7-7-17 161The sixth quilt square in located on a large red barn on 755 E Alarka Road, inside Smoky Mountain Meadows Campground. It represents the East Alarka Mountains, which the barn has faced since it was erected in 1950s.

The seventh quilt square is called Around Deep Creek and is at Deep Creek Tube Center and Campground located on 1090 West Deep Creek Road (all these addresses are Bryson City by the way). This square is custom designed to show the beauty of the cabins, tents, animals in the area, tubes, and scenery of the river and the campground. It was getting dark when we took these pictures, so I will have to lighten the quilt square picture and repost it in our travel photos.

The eighth square is at the Calhoun House Inn and Suites on 110 Bryson Avenue. It is called the American Dream and is representative of the American Landmark, originally built in the 1920s.7-7-17 151Quilt squares 9, 10, and 11 are all on the Southwestern Community College Swain Center Campus on 60 Almond School Road. I think these are my favorites. The first one is located of the south side of the building and is called the Indian Trail. It signifies the keeping of the “trail” open for students to better themselves. It also represents the Swain Center, Qualla Boundary, and Little Tennessee river.7-7-17 157The next square is on the west facing entrance and is called the Celtic Chain. It represents the connections with the college, families, and students.7-7-17 155The final quilt square is on the north end and is called the Red Flower Bud. It represents all beauty- natural and man-made.7-7-17 154The college also has a nice little artistic “Kayak Ranch” displayed out front by the highway. It’s perfect for this area, since it’s surrounded by rivers and people come from all over to enjoy kayaking and rafting.

There was one other quilt square we saw on an individual’s barn. It is not on the swain county quilt trail site, but people can get their own quilt squares as long as they go through the proper steps to make sure they have not copied and to be sure they have a certain historical or community meaning. Short of trespassing to ask, we don’t know the meaning of this one, but if anyone does, let us know. 7-7-17 168You can go to http://www.greatsmokies.com/quilt-trail/index.html to see where we found the addresses to go take our live photos. It was an awesome trip. These squares were all within minutes of each other. Some counties squares are spaces much farther apart, may miles over. But that will just add to the fun in our travels.


We would like to thank everyone for your patience and support for our blog. We try to keep up our writing and pictures on it every couple of days. We want to do it every day, but due to the current rain in the area we are at for the moment, the internet service comes and goes. But we are getting better at it each time. We have lots of things to talk about with you about RV life and are looking forward to sharing it with all of you. We will be discussing our decision for solar panels and inverters, as well as composting toilets versus regular. We hope you are enjoying our travel pictures and we will continue posting many more of those along with our many other blogs about our hikes and road trips. We look forward to the coming days of sharing with all of you. Happy travels! Happy RVing! Living in an RV is the best decision we made. We are much happier in the RV world than in the hustle and bustle of the rat race of the “house” world. Thanks again to everyone for your support. 20160923_184414

4th of July

12091135July 4th, there are fireworks and celebrations all across the country. Our experience in NC this year was a first. We went rafting down the Tuckaseegee River on something called the Pirates of the Tuck event. People shoot others with an array of water guns and knock each other into the water. It was complete mayhem, but it was a blast. We certainly would recommend it for a hot day. And goggles are a plus. At the end, everyone gets their belongings back (any water guns or items that may have been taken during the “battle”) and people shake hands. It’s a friendly, fun, and certainly wet way to spend the day. At night, there was a fireworks display at the campground. We will add those photos so you can enjoy them here. A trip down the Tuck any day would be recommended, with or without pirates. Seeing how we call our RV our “pirate ship” and named it after Calico Jack and Anne Bonnie’s ship The Satisfaction, we fit right in on the Pirates of the Tuck trip. Will we see your raft out there on the 4th next year? Bring super soakers and googles mates or you may walk the plank! We hope you will enjoy our fireworks pictures

Dry Falls

20170616_161223A waterfall is usually an awesome experience within itself, but one you can walk behind is a truly amazing one. To listen to it from that point is a totally different experience all together. It is so peaceful and serene, if I could have bottled up that feeling, it would have been better than any anti-depressant on the market. There were people out and about, but it wasn’t overly crowded. The walk to the falls is short and moderate and the bridge going behind the falls is very sturdy. It says you can walk behind them and not get wet, but if you get up really close and wear glasses, you will see a slight overspray. It’s nothing to worry about at all. It is totally worth it. Dry Falls is part of the Cullasaja Gorge group of falls to see off NC 64 at the Highlands. We had other falls on the list that day, but if I had the time, I could’ve just sat back in the cave recess there behind the falls and watch for quite a while as the wall of water fell before me, and closed my eyes and listened, and breathed in the fresh water smell. It is definitely a site to visit and a trip worth taking if you have not been.

Hiking Glen Falls Trail

20170616_17383520170616_17544320170616_17061720170616_164454This trail is outside of the Highlands off NC 106. Glen Falls is a semi-strenuous one mile trail going to 3 sixty foot cascading falls. The walk to each of the falls isn’t too bad because it’s downhill, the walk back from the falls is the strenuous part. The trail has some stairs to climb, and other parts of the trail have knarly roots to climb over, but it is worth it to see the scenic beauty of these falls. Some helpful hints when walking this trail: be sure to take water with you; trekking poles are a good idea; don’t wear open toed shoes; some parts of the trail are slippery due to water overspray and rain, so if the weather looks bad, you may want to do the hike on a different day. It is a quiet trail and there was no one else on it the day we went. If you like getting away from the buzz of crowds and seeing the wonders of nature, this is the perfect trail for that. Just pace yourself on the way back.

Kindle books

Whether you’re into science fiction or good ole country humor, check out my friend’s books on kindle. I will list the links below. If you don’t have a kindle, they have an app you can download for your smartphone. I enjoy ghost stories too. And I read a lot of good rv too books on kindle as well as all sorts of camping and outdoor cook books. Any kind of book you imagine, kindle has it. Even audibles. It’s an awesome way to read with having to wonder where to put all those books. Space is a huge issue for rvers. Some books can also be borrowed (one at a time) and returned for the next title.  Listed below are my best friend’s books she has on kindle so far. Enjoy!


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